Zilap Sensitive DEMO font

Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图1Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图2Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图3Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图4Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图5Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图6Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图7Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图8Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图9Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图10Zilap Sensitive DEMO font插图11

Zilap Sensitive, the source of sensuality, an idea full of curves, sensations, emotions, with a free and artistic design that make up each letter, each text and each word.

The clean and attractive concept allows brands or companies to have a graphic, versatile and dynamic domain of this source. The design of this project is very complete, given that the Script fonts are limited with the characters, with our project we decided to expand the standards so that their use is national and international.

Design and construction: Zilap Estudio.

Welded, assembled and distributed: LJ Design Studios.

Licenses: www.ljdesignstudios.com