Wayzgoose Block font

This is Wayzgoose, an entire family of fonts. It is inspired by a caption for a picture in an early 1900s newspaper. It is meant to imitate the old letterpress technique, which would have been how that paper was printed.

Wayzgoose was an old-time holiday just for letterpress printers, hence the name of this font family.

The primary font is Wayzgoose Old Time, which includes all the glyphs shown in my old newspaper clipping.

Wayzgoose Strut is all the caps from Wayzgoose Old Time in two heights (struts).

Wayzgoose Punch has punched out centers of the capitals in Wayzgoose Old Time.

Wayzgoose Punch and Strut has the punched uppercase glyphs used as both upper and lower case letters.

Wayzgoose PS Small Caps has the same as Punch and Strut but all as small capitals.

Hope you enjoy this family of fonts.

If you would like to use any or all of them for commercial use, please contact me for licensing and pricing information.