The Mumbai Sticker Demo font

The Mumbai Sticker Demo font插图The Mumbai Sticker Demo font插图1The Mumbai Sticker Demo font插图2

This is a demo version of the layered font “The Mumbai Sticker”.

instructions to use:

• for smooth connections of v s, v r and v z please enable “standard ligatures” in open type features panel

• Type a text with the “Regular” version, then copy and paste in back (cmd B) and switch to “Shadow Outline” version. Please make sure you give it a different color to make the main font visible.

Looks best in Black and white as you can see in the poster image but feel free to play around!

• • •

For full version and commercial license please visit


The full / commercial version contains Western and Eastern European accented characters and special characters, punctuation and ligatures.

I have created this font from the sticker I designed for my Mumbai trip for my friend’s wedding, you can watch a short video of the process and the story behind.

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