Modia-NonCommercial font

Modia-NonCommercial font插图Modia-NonCommercial font插图1Modia-NonCommercial font插图2Modia-NonCommercial font插图3Modia-NonCommercial font插图4Modia-NonCommercial font插图5Modia-NonCommercial font插图6Modia-NonCommercial font插图7Modia-NonCommercial font插图8Modia-NonCommercial font插图9Modia-NonCommercial font插图10Modia-NonCommercial font插图11Modia-NonCommercial font插图12

Introducing Modia – Sans Serif Font

Modia is a strong and clean sans serif font. It’s a versatile font family designed for strong, classic branding. Modia works great in any branding, logos, magazines, videos, product packaging, website headers, clothing designs and much more.

For commercial use you need to buy a license here :

Website :

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*Commercial Use includes Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Punctuation, Symbols, Regular, Outline, Outline two

*Free download is for Personnal use only, enjoy !

You can use this font for free for Non-Commercial (Personal) use, but if you want to use it for Commercial use you will need to purchase a license here :

The personnal and/or non-commercial uses of this font are FREE. However donations are accepted and appreciated. The professional and/or commercial uses of this font are PROHIBITED unless the fee of the commercial licence. More informations available in the Font End User Licence Agreement-Non-Profit Non-Commercial file.