HENAVE Regular DEMO font

HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图1HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图2HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图3HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图4HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图5HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图6HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图7HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图8HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图9HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图10HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图11HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图12HENAVE Regular DEMO font插图13

By installing or using this demo version you agree to use it as PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use!

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Born from the anxiety of beauty and vintage style typeface nowadays, we think about the breakthrough, the experimental direction, to push the serif typeface beyond the mainstream, raising the bar higher, jump into the different sea, this is the next step of our creative process.

Without any further ado, please welcome, HENAVE. A family of serif typeface with unusual approach. With the purpose to bring the legacy vibes into the new wave. This typeface will be a great armour for your loud poster, social media content, album artwork, 90’s vibes design, solid branding, and more.