CHICAGO moonshine demo font

CHICAGO moonshine demo font插图CHICAGO moonshine demo font插图1

CHICAGO MOONSHINE is an Art Deco serif All Caps display font.

Please note that this is primarily for headlines, logos posters in large size.

This is the demo version and is free for testing purposes and personal use. For full version and / or commercial license please visit

The full version character set contains Western and Eastern European latin languages, basic symbols and punctuation. The Capital letters has geometric patterns and in place of lowercase letters there are filled in Capitals.

Inquiries, feedback, customisation requests and/or extra characters please contact me here or via

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Background image (taken from Unsplash) credits:

Chicago at night : Prafulla Chandra

Moon I photoshopped onto the night skyline: Jason Darrell

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Thank you and hope you like this font!

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